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dog leaning on window at Elite Suites Pet Resort


Please feel free to call, text, or email us if you have questions regarding our services or any special needs for the care of your pet. To ensure we can service your needs, we recommend you make reservations in advance.

Dog noses under blanket

Dog Boarding

Suite Rates

Elite Suite - $50 per night

2nd guest in same suite - $35 per night

Deluxe Double Suite - $50 per guest per night - 2 guest min.

3rd and 4th guest in same deluxe double suite - $35 for 3rd guest and $25 for 4th guest

Food - $5 per day, per pet


Additional One-on-One Play Time - $10

Dog with a orange ball in mouth


Full Day - $30

Half Day (any 6 hours from 7am-7pm) - $20

Husky being groomed at Elite Suites Dog Boarding and Grooming


Elite Grooming - starting at $30

Elite Bath - starting at $25

Elite Dental Care - $10

Elite Pedicure with Nail Polish -$12 prices for grooming are based on breed and size

Our Locations

Elite Suites is a luxury pet care facility designed especially for your pet's health, safety, and comfort. While there are several boarding and kennel facilities in the Southlake and Rockwell/Heath areas, none rival our facilities.