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Now Offering Professional Training!

Elite Suites Pet Resorts now offering training services!

At Elite Suites Pet Resorts our scientifically based, positive-reinforcement programs are not just effective - they foster happy pets who listen. They also provide benefits you and your pet will enjoy for years to come. Whether you want to reduce problem behaviors, learn new skills or strengthen the bond with your dog, you've come to the right place.

Training Programs & Services:

In our Obedience Training Program, your dog will learn commands such as sit, stay lay down, place, come, leash walk and no pulling.

  • Day Train - 10 day package - $1,399.00

  • Day Train - 15 day package - $1,975.00

  • Day Train - 20 day package - $2,500.00

Complimentary Training Consultation

Our team is happy to offer a FREE training consultation where we can learn more about your individual needs and goals and help design the perfect training plan for you and your pup.

Ready to enroll?

Call us! From there, our team will help you register for your pup’s consultation, and make sure that we’ve received the required vaccination records from your vet. If you are a new client, please create your pet’s profile in our system by clicking "new customer"!

We look forward to assisting you with your training needs!