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Elite Suites

Lobby of Elite Suites


We couple safety with luxury to deliver a one of a kind experience!

Here are just a few of our design features:

  • Designer suites with custom-built wrought iron gates, colorful artwork, televisions and premium, supportive cots with plush sheepskin bedding for the ultimate comfort in EVERY suite!

  • Specialized hotel design incorporating a stress reduction wall to ensure the privacy of each guest.

  • Complete fresh air every 5 minutes. No filtration, just fresh air!

  • Personalized outdoor times 3 to 5 times a day in our 22,000 sq.ft. exercise area!

  • Innovative FlowCrete flooring system to guarantee safe and comfortable conditions.

  • Glazed blocking for safety with a designer appearance.

  • Commercial grade laundry facility to ensure fresh and sanitary bedding and towels.

  • Screening of each guest for medical and behavioral issues.

  • Retail boutique complete with designer merchandise.

  • Specialized bathing system which utilizes high pressure hydro-massaging filtered water system.

  • Top of the line grooming salon complete with certified groomers.

  • Highest level of personal attention possible!

Elite Suites Outdoor Exercise Areas

Exercise Areas


That’s what you’ll think when you see our outdoor exercise areas. We have 6 of them!

Each pet will have 3 to 5 exercise periods throughout the day where they can run, play and just enjoy the outdoors. Each area will be staffed by one of our pet care experts to ensure no playtime gets too rough and to make certain that they know when our guest is ready to come back to relax in their suite. After all, not every pet is ready to go back to their suite at the same time.

If your pet is one that would rather spend their time outside alone, we can provide that service as well. We strive to deliver the highest quality care possible and to meet the needs of each of our guests. 



The feeling our guests will get as they come through our door…

Elite Suites Retail Area


  • Treats — pre-packaged designer treats

  • Toys — AKC branded as well as tuff toys

  • Foods — Canidae Lamb and Rice

🐾And much more🐾

Our Locations

Elite Suites is a luxury pet care facility designed especially for your pet's health, safety, and comfort. While there are several boarding and kennel facilities in the Southlake and Rockwall/Heath areas, none rival our facilities.